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Frankie has had a successful acting career, which started when he was 8 years old after watching his older sister perform in a local theater production. Since then, he has starred in several feature films, including My Dog Skip, Big Fat Liar and Agent Cody Banks. He also starred as the title character of the hit US sitcom Malcolm in the Middle which ran for 7 seasons.

Now that Malcolm’s run has finished, Frankie has more time to focus on his other passion – racing. Frankie got his drivers license in December 2001, and quickly developed a love of fast cars. Over the past few years he has bought and sold several cars, including the VW Jetta from The Fast and the Furious and a 1950’s Porsche Speedster.

In 2004, Frankie got the chance to race to in the Pro/Celebrity race at the Long Beach Grand Prix. One year later he was back to take first place out of the celebrity drivers, and in 2006 he was back again to try and win as a Pro driver.

Frankie signed a 2 year deal with the Jensen Motorsport team and last year he took part in the Formula BMW USA championship. This year he has been training and preparing for the Champ Car Atlantic series, with hopes of some day racing in the Champ Car World Series.