Call the Shots

Call the Shots is a British TV programme for kids. One viewer got to go to Los Angeles and interview Frankie Muniz. Here is the transcript from her interview.

Interviewer: In the film, your character Cody Banks finds it really hard to talk to girls, do you find it quite hard?

Frankie: Well I could talk to a girl if a girl were to come up to me, or a girl were... I were to be introduced to a girl by a friend, but I could never go up to a girl and like, you know, start flirting with her or anything like that - I'm kind of shy in that sense.

Interviewer: You get loads of amazing stunts in the film, did you do quite a lot of your own?

Frankie: Yeah, I did about 90 percent of the stunts in this film, which is kind of crazy, you know, for an actor, but I did a lot of training before the movie, and I wanted to be involved in as many of the stunts as possible because that's part of the fun, you know what I mean, is getting to jump from buildings and do all this driving and all the martial arts stuff, and I just tried and it was really fun.

Interviewer: You were the same age as me when you became famous for Malcolm in the Middle. What was it like being famous so young?

Frankie: I don't know, I mean, I don't know what it's like not to be at that age, you know what I mean, just because that's what happened and it was just weird but it's exciting, I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Interviewer: And are you single?

Frankie: Yes, well yes and no, I am, but me and my girlfriend are on a break right now, but we've been dating for the past year now, but we're on a break, you know, giving each other time to do our things, so.

Interviewer: Do you like British girls?

Frankie: Of course [laughs]. I don't get to meet many of them because I never get out to London, but if we do a sequel I hear it's going to be in London, so.

Interviewer: And I'd really like to be an actor too, so here's my card if you ever need a co-star.

Frankie: All right. Thank you very much. Nice being interviewed by you.

[Interviewer leaves]

Frankie: [talking on the phone] Oh, hi, can I speak to my manager Jeff please. Oh hey Jeff, I was just interviewed by this wonderful young lady from London, and she wants to be an actress and I'd love her to be in my next movie, so if you could give her a call, she was great... all right... peace [hangs up]. What can I say.

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